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Royal Institute of Colombo now offers a pathway to Deakin University Degrees

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Royal Institute of Colombo (RIC), the Affiliate Centre of the University of London, has over 20 years’ experience in delivering degree courses under the University of London’s International Programme and has produced thousands of graduates. RIC currently offers 15 degrees from the University of London in the areas of finance, economics, accounting, banking, business, international relations, law, management, mathematics and sociology. It also offers diplomas in economics, law and social sciences.

In order to further expand its portfolio of degree courses, RIC has partnered with Deakin University in Australia to offer a pathway to their bachelor degree courses in engineering, science and biomedical science. RIC successfully commenced these courses in March 2012.

Established in the 1970s, Deakin University is one of Australia’s largest universities with more than 36,000 students from more than 137 countries around the world. The university operates from four campuses – one in Melbourne, two in Geelong and one in south-west Victoria, all of which offer students access to excellent teaching, learning and research experiences. A member of Universities Australia and the Association of Commonwealth Universities, Deakin has won the prestigious Australian University of the Year award twice and has also won global recognition for innovation and excellence.

Deakin’s broad range of undergraduate courses include general degrees such as arts and science, professional degrees in architecture, business management, medicine, law, engineering, information technology, nursing, teaching and psychology as well as specialised disciplines such as sport, environment and nutrition. In addition, postgraduate courses at masters and doctorate level are offered in a range of disciplines.

There is plenty of scope for specialisation in the engineering degrees which cover a range of disciplines including civil, mechanical, mechatronic engineering and electrical & electronic engineering. Engineering education is closely allied to industry and the courses provide work experience in industry and the opportunity to learn about solving problems faced by professional engineers in the work place. One of the best resourced engineering universities in Australia, Deakin will give you a superb start to a fascinating and rewarding career. RIC will introduce the Deakin University engineering degree on a 2 + 2 basis where students will undertake the first two years at RIC studying a pathway program using the Deakin curriculum and complete the final two years at Deakin University in Australia. Subjects in the first year are common where students will choose their area of major study - civil, mechanical, mechatronics and robotics or electrical and electronics engineering at the end of first year.

Deakin’s Bachelor of Engineering will provide you with broad theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience to build a successful career in a range of fields. Deakin engineering graduates have been employed by a range of top companies such as – Alcoa, Barwon Water, Boeing, Ford, Godfrey Hurst, Harrop Engineering, Hatch Associates, Holden (General Motors), Industrial Control Technology Pty Ltd, and Kempe Engineering, Melbourne.

Deakin’s Engineering courses are fully accredited by Engineers Australia which gives the degree international recognition, allowing graduates to practise as professional engineers in many countries around the world.

In the case of Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Biomedical Science Degrees, the basis is one year of pathway studies at RIC where students take the core modules and on successful completion obtain credit towards their Deakin Degree. The final two years are completed at Deakin University in Australia. While in Australia, students will complete a professional practice unit which involves a placement for a minimum of two weeks within a relevant organisation. This will allow students to gain valuable work experience, giving them the opportunity to apply and consolidate knowledge gained in the course, explore career options and develop a professional network.

Upon successful completion of the prescribed number of units at RIC and maintaining a minimum of a 55 per cent grade average, students will be eligible to articulate into the courses at Deakin with credit for prior learning. Students will then undertake relevant additional units as full-time on-campus students of Deakin University and on successful completion, will be awarded the relevant degree applicable to the undertaken course.

Admission requirements for the RIC programme are three credit passes at Sri Lankan A/Levels or 6 points in UK A/Levels (points are determined on the grades obtained – 5 points for a pass with Grade ‘A’, 4 for Grade ‘B’, 3 for Grade ‘C’ and 2 for Grade ‘D’). Students who meet these admission requirements are eligible for admission into the RIC programme and once admitted, become full-time on-campus students.

There are unique advantages in following the Deakin University degree pathway programme offered by RIC. All courses will be kept up-to-date with curricula being taught at Deakin University itself. Deakin University determines the content of the units offered in the programme, monitors and maintains academic standards, evaluates the units and provides a Deakin academic staff member as co-ordinator of the RIC programme, including an annual visit to RIC conducted by Deakin for quality assurance purposes. Under the pathway programme, RIC units will be delivered by academic staff using Deakin’s materials on a full-time, on-campus basis. Deakin will provide advice and assistance to the RIC academic staff delivering the units through Cloud Deakin or other appropriate means.

RIC, on its part, provides students a rich educational experience using state-of-the-art facilities and resources. The automated library, which is one of the best in Sri Lanka, will have an extensive collection of books relating to all fields of study in the Deakin degree pathway programme. RIC will also provide appropriate computing facilities to enable students to undertake the RIC units of the Deakin programme. Highly qualified and experienced lecturers will provide students with advice, counselling and administrative assistance.

Reading for a Deakin University degree at RIC by undertaking a pathway program for the initial year(s) and completing the degree at Deakin in Australia is extremely cost-effective. A substantial part of the course is undertaken at RIC in Sri Lanka and students have the advantage of a globally recognized qualification closely allied to industry with prospects of employment immediately after graduation.

RIC and its proven track record of producing thousands of graduates, is confident that the Deakin degree pathway programme will be a great success and invites prospective students to grab the opportunity to obtain a prestigious degree from Deakin University. Enrolment of students for all Degrees is now in progress.


For further information about entry criteria and admissions, you are invited to call the Coordinator on the RIC Hotline 077 235 5000. For further information about Deakin University, please visit


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