Education has long been viewed as means of advancing one’s individual status in the society. Consequently, solid foundation and an established history are vital when selecting an institution for higher education. By providing tertiary education and contributing to the country’s youth from early 1980’s, Royal Institute of Colombo (RIC) has well established its name in the education field in Sri Lanka. Partnering with the University of London, one of the oldest Universities in the world, RIC commenced offering degrees in the fields of Economics, Mathematics, Finance, Management, Accounting, Computing, Social Sciences and Law via its International Programmes in 1990, and with Deakin University, Australia in the fields of Engineering, Bio Medical Science and Science in 2002.

As I purview, in tertiary education, students’ initiation and commitment together with the responsibility they take will define their performances with the guidance of the lecturers and tutors. A fact that differentiates tertiary education from other levels is that the reading habit of students determines the learning percentage, and at RIC the environment is created to inculcate such habits. RIC has one of the best and largest libraries owned by a private institute which students can benefit from.

Our lecture panel consists of experts in their own subject areas who are qualified and possess experience in related fields. It is evident that the expertise and the experiences brought in by the lecturers to the class room enable the students to better understand the theoretical aspects of the subjects as the students are demonstrated the application of the same. Simultaneously, the guest lectures we organise inviting the experts in the fields provide up-to-date information to our students on real-time issues in practice, market behaviours and job prospects.

The long standing history of RIC together with one of the largest alumni in private sector education undoubtedly speak about our success. As per our records, students completing their degrees at RIC in different streams have excelled in different heights both nationally and internationally, which gives us the competitive edge.

Tertiary education is an important juncture in one’s life where well-informed and well-thought decisions should be taken carefully. Thus both parents and students must prudently analyse the options available including the recognition of the awarding body and the provider institution, competent staff, facilities available, past performances, employability of graduates etc. Ensuring quality higher education is the norm at RIC and we are striving hard to achieve the best for the success of our students.