The RIC Library is a fully-furnished and automated academic library designed for undergraduate studies. The Library has a collection of over 12,000 books in multiple copies and CDs, which cover the essential textbooks, supplementary books and other recommended reading material of the study programmes.

The library is equipped with a computerised library catalogue and internet facility. In addition, students can have access to online databases and encyclopaedias, on request. Students reading for the Degrees and Diplomas of the University of London have online access to the University of London Library as well.


  • Weekdays, Weekends, Public and Poya holidays  – 8.00 am – 5.00 pm
  • Examination period (Week days) –  8.00 am – 7.00 pm


Borrowing facilities – students

  • All students are required to Register with  the library to be eligible to borrow books. Application forms could be collected at the Library counter.
  • RIC ID/Library membership card is not transferable. If lost report immediately to RIC office.
  • During the First and Second  Years students can  borrow 2 books at a time and 03 books during the third year
  • Loan period – 2 weeks. Renewable. If the required book is on loan a reservations could be made.
  • Books should be returned on the due date.  For late returns a fine of Rs. 10.00 will be levied per day per book.
  • If a book is lost/misplaced, report to the library immediately. Replacement cost of the lost book/ damaged materials will be charged.
  • The Library deposit will be refunded at the end of your three year academic term once all borrowed items are returned


Borrowing facilities  – staff 

  • All staff who are interested in borrowing books are required to be registered with the library.
  • Borrowing privileges for staff differs based on the type of category. Details are available at the issue counter.


Reference Services

Reference Books are to be used strictly within the Reference section only. Where photocopies are required,  the book is allowed to be moved to the Photocopying section on submission of  the ID of the student and the Book card to  the circulation counter.   Once the Book is returned the ID is returned.



Photocopying  facility

  • Books are issued for photocopying subject to ‘Fair use’.
  • Leave the ID with the book card at the issue counter and  collect the required book
  • Get the photocopy at the ‘Photocopy services division’
  • Return the book to the library counter and collect the ID.


Leisure Reading area 

Facilities are available for :

  • Browse magazines, newspapers
  • Listen to music
  • Have a cup of Nescafe (tokens at the issue counter)


Use of computers

  • Computers are solely for educational purposes. Access to online version of Law Reports is provided.



Please adhere to the following

  • Absolute silence
  • Disciplined behavior
  • No refreshments/water
  • No discussions
  • No bags, files, lap tops, i-pads etc.
  • No reservations of seats


You must

  • Show the ID to the security person to enter the library
  • Keep mobile phones switched off
  • Use garbage bins for litter
  • Not damage, highlight, scribble on library books



  • Library membership will be suspended for 2 or more weeks (minimum) to suspension of studentship (maximum) depending on the severity of the theft at the discretion of the Librarian.



In order to provide opportunities for everybody to use the library resources and to maintain an effective and an efficient service, every user should comply with the rules and regulations of the library.

User Category No. of Books Period of loan Fines for Late returns
Undergraduate students 1st year – 02

2nd year – 02

3rd year – 03

14 days = 2 weeks Rs. 10.00 (Per day)
Post Graduate students 03 28 days = 4 weeks Rs. 10.00 (Per day)
Permanent Academic staff 05 08 months [email protected]
Visiting staff 05 06 months
Non Academic staff 01 14 days = 2 weeks


  • No reference books will be issued on loan to any category of users.
  • All items borrowed should be returned or renewed on the due date.