Data Analytics Seminar 2019 March

Going forward in a Data driven world

The inaugural seminar on data analytics was held on the 16th March, 2019 at the Royal Institute of Colombo. The speakers for the seminar were Rohan Jayaweera, COO of Antyra Solutions and the first recruit by Google for Sri Lanka and Maldives, and Chathuranga Abeysinghe, lead Data Evangelist of MAS Holdings. This is one of many seminars that will be held for alumni of RIC in order for them to gain a competitive edge in their chosen field. These industry experts expressed their views on the transformation of occupations in business organisations. The key point of the seminar was their emphasis on the increasing importance of data analytics to any industry to maximize their competitiveness in a dynamic business environment, including the legal profession, teaching, health, agriculture, etc. Presenting case studies of past failures of business giants’ and sole proprietors’ inability to cope with the current changes in the corporate world, they reminded the fact that everyone, irrespective of how comfortable they are in their current job roles, should be alert to changes.

Another important factor worth noting is the evolution of artificial intelligence as a result of data analytics, where the more repetitive tasks of a particular profession may be replaced by artificial intelligence. Thus, it is an eye opener for any employee to reflect on their job roles in order to adjust to such changes. Organisations unconsciously ignore data generated continuously in large amounts as they are unaware of the importance and the role it can play in defining effective business decisions. Thereby, awareness and implementation of data analytics is imperative to the youth of this country as prominent organisations have already commenced using Big Data, and both domestic and international economies are gradually adopting this phenomenon.
Rohan Jayaweera – COO, Antyra Solutions

A few notable highlights of his career are:
~ Being the first recruit by Google for Sri Lanka & Maldives to drive the initiatives of Google within the market.
~ Conducted APAC partner growth planning sessions, across a multi-tiered partner organization of Cisco.
~ 6-7 years of successful working experience alongside channel/partner organizations of IBM, Lenovo, Cisco & HP in SAARC & APAC

Chathuranga Abeysinghe – Lead Data Evangelist, MAS Holdings
~ obtained his BSc. Finance (Special) from University of Sri Jayewardenepura Sri Lanka and also is an Associate Member of CIMA UK
~ has 8 years of industry experience in Finance, Operations and IT with a pivotal shift in his career to the domain of Data in 2013.
~ helped MAS to successfully establish the Talent analytics function over three years and now leads the data science journey as the Lead Data Evangelist