Intra-RIC Moot Court Competition 

The Intra-RIC Moot Court Competition will be organized by the Law Students’ Association of the Royal Institute of Colombo in February 2019. This is intended to be a project to be conducted by the LSARIC annually, in order to create a pool of mooters, who will then be chosen to represent RIC in mooting competitions to come.


Objectives :
This project is intended primarily to foster within the student body of RIC interest and enthusiasm in not only taking part in moot court competitions, but also to enhance the professional skills to be gained through mooting.
The primary objective of this project is to establish a pool of mooters for RIC. This pool would be trained by Mr. Mahela Liyanage and Ms. Nayanthara Balapatabendi – the skills required for national and international arenas would be enhanced and improved upon. Mainly, skills related to legal writing and oral advocacy would be focused on. These, while being essential for a mooter, are also skills that would be imperative in the professional field as well.
From the established pool of mooters, students would stand the chance to represent RIC in moot court competitions, both at national and international level; for this purpose, selections would be held within the pool itself.
Moreover, in addition to being a testing-ground for mooting, this project would also serve as a means of promulgating the virtues of mooting in general, the skills to be gained by engaging in mooting and also of the wide array of opportunities open to students through mooting.



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