Studying at RIC gave me so much of knowledge and exposure which makes my present job a lot easier. Currently among other things, I am primarily involved in carrying out the costing for shipments of all corporate equipment coming into Sri Lanka. Graduating from RIC definitely gave me an advantage from the interview process itself, and now while I carry out my work. This is because it provides such a reputed degree.

At RIC, I was able to earn a world-class degree without ever leaving my own country. The degree at RIC opened a world of opportunities that I know I would never have gotten elsewhere. The skills and knowledge I gained during my studies help me daily in my work, almost as though I am now living what I had studied for 3 years. The degree completely helped me place the career I intend to undertake in perspective.

"I recommend RIC for any student who plans on being a Statistician, Actuary or Mathematician."

The study programme, focus and the attention of the lecturers at RIC is exceptional and I was able to obtain individual attention when needed. The facilities and the environment at RIC was very much conducive for learners, especially when one is well focused and follows classes objectively. The lecturers are very supportive and ensure that the students are well guided and focused at obtaining the best knowledge and results accordingly.


I was able to achieve my goal of getting a First Class Honours and I am glad that I chose RIC to do my undergraduate degree. It gave me the best opportunity to study in a friendly environment and with a very competitive group of students. The lecturers are knowledgeable, charismatic and very supportive. They effectively motivated us to work towards achieving our set targets. Thanks to RIC, I was given a scholarship to attend the London School of Economics Summer School Program, based on my first year Diploma results. The stint at RIC will certainly give me the strength &  courage to face all future challenges without any fear. I wish all at RIC continued success!


I considered starting a University of London degree at RIC soon after my A/L’s with pending results and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The expert panel of lecturers guided me to obtain a First Class Degree and a World Prize for Principles of Accounting . Furthermore, the flexibility offered by RIC allowed me to complete my final year while working full time.


From the beginning I was intending to obtain very good grades but not really a First Class for my degree. I completed my daily work without postponing any and now I am delighted with my achievement. I thank Mr. G. T. Bandara, the Chairman of Royal Institute of Colombo, for accepting my admission to the International Foundation Programme (IFP) with permission obtained by the University of London on academic maturity when I was about to be refused due to lack of age maturity.I also thank the Ede  & Ravenscroft scholarship for funding my LLB programme through the University of London and to my parents, sisters,lecturers, tutors, my colleagues, my friends and to my teachers at Visakha Vidyalaya Colombo. My advice to the undergraduates is that novel thinking, critical analysis and creativity would help them achieve a better result.


After finishing my AL s at St. Joseph's College in 2015, I started reading for my LLB at Royal Institute of Colombo. I found the degree both interesting and challenging, and enjoyed the three-year journey that ended with being awarded First Class Honours from the University of London. I am extremely grateful to my lecturers and tutors for the time and effort they took to help me grasp and understand my subjects, as well as to my study group, batch-mates, friends and family for their constant support and encouragement.


“Unparalleled reputation and excellence in the higher education realm”

I chose the Deakin Pathway Programme at Royal Institute of Colombo (RIC) to pursue my dream of becoming a Civil Engineer. With its unparalleled reputation and excellence in the higher education realm, my decision of choosing Royal Institute of Colombo was rather obvious. I had to undertake two years of Civil Engineering studies at RIC while my final two years were at Deakin University, Australia. The lecturers and teaching staff are highly reputed and their expertise in the respective field added immensely to have a rich academic experience.
I was awarded the First Class Honours in Civil Engineering during the recently concluded Deakin Graduation Ceremony. I was also nominated and appointed as a Student Ambassador of Deakin University in 2017. Therefore, I strongly believe that choosing the Deakin- RIC Civil Engineering pathway was the best decision I made in my life.


“A friendly and positive environment”

Soon after I completed my high school at Bishop’s College, I enrolled myself at Royal Institute of Colombo for higher studies. The reason why I chose this reputable institution without a doubt was because of the quality of education they offer and the world-wide recognition of the degree awarded by the University of London.
The dedication, support and motivation of the academic staff, who contributed immensely to enrich our academic experience is highly commendable. They ensure that every student understands what is being taught and prepare them to achieve their best and it eventually encouraged me to put my share of hard work which is reflected in my results. The friendly and positive environment at RIC makes a student’s life more enjoyable as it paves the way not only to excel in studies but in many extra activities including clubs and sports.
A very special gratitude goes to my parents for the support given and motivating me to do my best at every exam.
Finally, I thank Royal Institute of Colombo for giving me the exposure that I needed in terms of knowledge which, I believe, will play a significant role in my future career.


“My results are a reflection of the high standards set at the Royal Institute of Colombo (RIC), not to mention the commitment and hard work put in by all of my teachers. RIC is indisputably the best education institution in Sri Lanka to pursue an undergraduate law degree of quality and one that is recognized the world over. I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone considering sitting a Bachelor of Laws degree. I am very grateful for God’s graces, the great love and sacrifices by my parents, and the consistent support of all my teachers, without which I would not have achieved this degree of success.”


“It was thanks to the Royal Institute of Colombo that I was given the opportunity to study for the University of London Bachelor of Laws (LLB) programme, at a prestigious institution. My utmost gratitude and thanks goes out to all my lecturers and tutors at the Royal Institute of Colombo, whose guidance and hard work helped me to achieve my goals. I would also like to thank my parents, friends, peers, and my school Ladies’ College for the constant support I have received throughout my career.”


In reality not many of us know what our next step in life is going to be after school. I myself was part of that category. I always had a liking to learn law but never really knew if that the field I wanted to pursue a career in. I studied at Musaeus College, which is where I first discovered that if you desire something and you work hard towards it the outcome would definitely be worthwhile. My years of representing my school in the sport of rowing and the amazing support I received from the Principal, Deputy principals, teachers and friends in my studies and extra curricular activities provided the foundation for everything I have achieved today.

I joined the Royal Institute of Colombo excited to learn the subject of law because it is a subject I have never learnt before. Due to the astounding support I received from my lecturers, tutors and peers I fell in love with the course I was studying which made me even more determined to work harder. I don’t believe in luck but I do wholeheartedly believe in hard work. However achieving a first class for the Bachelor of laws (LLB) degree offered by the University of London was something I felt unattainable. Nevertheless I decided to just give it my best shot. The news that I did achieve the unimaginable made me feel ecstatic. I went through many mixed emotions of relief, happiness, surprise and excitement all at once as I heard about this amazing news.

My family played an immanent role in this endeavor. They were my pillars of strength who motivated me and provided me with all the comforts to make things easier.

I extend my deepest gratitude to my family, lecturers and tutors at RI and my friends who all played an important part in supporting me in obtaining this achievement. I am also grateful to the University of London for providing us with a wide range of electives and the necessary material. It was gratifying to be living at home and still be able to study an internationally recognised Law program.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” So no matter how many times you fail as long as you get back up and give it your best shot and nothing less, the sense of pride you will feel at the end is unmistakable.