Sulakshitaa Thirugnanam

Sulakshitaa Thirugnanam
First Class Honours
BSc in Business and Management
University of London International Programmes

“A friendly and positive environment”

Soon after I completed my high school at Bishop’s College, I enrolled myself at Royal Institute of Colombo for higher studies. The reason why I chose this reputable institution without a doubt was because of the quality of education they offer and the world-wide recognition of the degree awarded by the University of London.
The dedication, support and motivation of the academic staff, who contributed immensely to enrich our academic experience is highly commendable. They ensure that every student understands what is being taught and prepare them to achieve their best and it eventually encouraged me to put my share of hard work which is reflected in my results. The friendly and positive environment at RIC makes a student’s life more enjoyable as it paves the way not only to excel in studies but in many extra activities including clubs and sports.
A very special gratitude goes to my parents for the support given and motivating me to do my best at every exam.
Finally, I thank Royal Institute of Colombo for giving me the exposure that I needed in terms of knowledge which, I believe, will play a significant role in my future career.