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BSc Data Science and Business Analytics

This new degree programme is designed to respond to the modern challenges that arise from the availability of vast amounts of data in many areas of our life. Handling big data requires a synergy between statistics, mathematics and computer science.

The Programme provides the essential training in probability, statistics, mathematics and computing skills for the visualization and analysis of large data sets, deriving valuable insights from data. The Data Science Programme has a strong focus on methodology, finance, economics, business and marketing. This degree will provide you with the necessary training for employment in numerous fields as a data scientist, analyst or similar, requiring a critical and independent mind.

Degree Structure

Standard Route

100 Courses

  1. EC 1002 Introduction to economics

2,3. MT 1173 Algebra and MT1174 Calculus or

MT1186 mathematical methods and

MN 1178 Business and Management in global context

  1. ST104A Statistics 1 and

ST 104B Statistics 2


200 and 300 Courses

  1. IS2184 Information systems management
  2. ST 2187 Business analytics, applied modeling and prediction
  3. ST 2133 Advanced statistics: distribution theory and

ST2134 Advanced statistics: statistical inference

  1. EC2020 Elements of econometrics or

MT 2116 Abstract mathematics

  1. ST3188 Statistical methods for market research
  2. St3189 Machine learning
  3. One 300 course from Selection Groups E, M or N
  4. One 100,200 or 300 course (or two half courses) from any selection group